Goodbye Mighty No. 9, We Hardly Knew Ye

Mighty No. 9, oh how I wanted to love you. I spent $120 backing you three years ago because I’m a huge Mega Man fan and was promised the world. Instead, this initially incredibly well orchestrated Kickstarter campaign has devolved into a quagmire of destruction and disappointment.

For those who don’t know, the history of this game’s development has been one train wreck after another. Mediocre graphics, lame voice acting, three delays, and horrible communication, all while trying to launch a sketchy failed attempt at another Kickstarter in 2015, are just part of the story that have led to scathing reviews and outright indignation on their Kickstarter page. To be honest, I was tempted to leave such a review myself, despite not having played the game.

I haven’t played the game, you see, because they have not provided me with any of the codes that I paid for. As a $120 backer, I was supposed to receive a digital code for PS4 as well as a digital Steam code, yet as of today, two days post-launch, I still have neither. All that resides in my Humble account is one lonely download code for a Mighty demo from last fall, which I didn’t bother with as my enthusiasm has waned since my initial engagement with the campaign.

That’s right; investing in this game three years early at six times the price of a digital download has led to me watching other people play it on Youtube. I should note that I’ve contacted Comcept three times now over the past six weeks and they have ignored each of my messages. I’ve contacted Humble as well and have yet to hear back from them. The only piece of my pledge reward that I actually received was a t-shirt several months back.

At the end of the day, this is a game. It’s a product that we want so that we can enjoy our lives and have a good time, and it’s not something that we should be so upset as to make idle threats or lose sleep. But I must confess that this might be the biggest disappointment in my gaming history, when it could have been one of the brightest spots as a small studio stands tall and creates the game that they (and fans) wanted to make.

Good-bye Mighty No. 9, we hardly knew ye. I paid $120 to see you shine and all I got was this lousy t-shirt, a shirt that I can’t wear because it brings with it all the negative feelings of my experience. I can’t see this franchise recovering after this debacle, especially seeing as how I, a big enough Mega Man fan to base my website on his memory, wouldn’t come near it for any amount of money. Capcom, I’m sorry we fought; can we make peace again and revisit a new Mega Man game? Please?

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