How Nintendo Can Return to the Throne

Nintendo’s latest console has been a commercial failure. Those who purchased the Wii U have likely enjoyed it on many levels, but there’s no denying that the system’s performance has left a lot to be desired. Hindsight is always 20/20, but it’s clear that mis-steps were made with the branding, promotion, functionality, and implementation of the Wii U.

Despite boasting arguably the largest number of high quality console exclusive games of the last three years, Nintendo’s current console is on pace to be its worst selling major home console, safely residing below the troubled GameCube of the early 2000s. With that in mind, it appears that Nintendo plans to expedite the Wii U’s lifecycle and release its new console, codenamed “NX,” either in 2016 or 2017 at the latest.

Nintendo was once the titan of the video game industry. Apart from the original Wii however, the last 20 years have seen repeated declines in home console hardware popularity, and its broader relevance has dipped amidst an increasingly competitive market. The NX needs to make a bold statement to return to the top of the console wars, and the below features may ensure a fast leap to the top of the hill. The entirety of these suggestions are not meant to be taken literally; it’s not practical to achieve all or even most of them at the same time, but the right combination could be a recipe for success. Instead this article is intended to provoke discussion by suggesting a hypothetical scenario in which Nintendo does everything possible to regain its seat on the throne. Without further ado, here is a host of features that would help NX be a resounding success:

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