Nintendo: Delayed Gratification Can Be a Wonderful Thing

In an effort to finish off all the brussels sprouts so you can shift to enjoying the main course, Nintendo has decided to delay The Legend of Zelda for Wii U yet again, to be released in conjunction with the NX in March of 2017. As the NX was also widely rumored to be released this year, this news proved to be quite a disappointment to Nintendo fans, who are now stuck with a big gaping hole where their home console software was supposed to be over the rest of 2016. While this might seem like bad news, good things come to those who wait. Nintendo is clearing the brussels sprouts of Wii U titles off our plate so that all we’re left with is NX and Zelda, and keeping the big picture in mind, this move will be good for gamers everywhere.

We all know the famous Miyamoto quote that a delayed game is eventually good, but a bad game is bad forever. Of course, we’d like every effort to be made in making the new Zelda be a fantastic adventure. However, rather than the suggestion that they are simply improving the experience with the additional delay, it seems much more likely that they want the release to coincide with the new NX system.

This is a smart move by Nintendo. Launching the new Zelda alongside the NX will help give their new system a boost in sales right off the bat. Along with giving developers more time to produce games for the new hardware, this movement to ensure a strong start for the NX makes sense for consumers, even if we don’t see it right now.

A healthy launch lineup for the NX means the system will sell well. Strong sales will result in more developers wanting to support the system, and Nintendo putting more resources toward it.

Ultimately, this delay means more good games on Nintendo’s next system. Yes, 2016 will be incredibly slow, but for those diehard Nintendo fans who crave each new release, at least we’ll have some mobile games to help fill the gap: Nintendo has announced that both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will have mobile entries debut in the fall. They promise that both games will be more traditional gaming software, as opposed to Miitomo, meaning that we’ll likely find hours upon hours of enjoyment upon their release.

On top of eventually resulting in more games for their next system, this delay makes sense for competitive reasons as well. There are many significant rumors that Playstation and Microsoft are both developing an ungraded version of their own current-gen consoles, and if those are to release in 2016 as well, then this will be quite a packed year for hardware. Not only will we have upgraded versions of the PS4 and Xbox One, virtual reality has exploded on the scene. In particular, Playstation VR’s October release seems like it would be a threat to potential new consoles being released in that window, as that targets the console audience who wish for a plug and play experience. These consumers only have so many disposable dollars to spend, and most simply won’t be able to afford everything that’s coming out. Nintendo is wise to step aside and come in strong early next year.

Relax, everyone, it’s ok. Delayed gratification can be a wonderful thing in the long run.

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