Plans for MegaVeggieMan Moving Forward

If you follow this site, you’ll notice that after 17 months of posting at least a single blog every week, I haven’t posted anything for a little over a month now. Why have I stopped producing weekly content?

I’ve mainly slowed down simply because I don’t have the time right now. My full-time job has been especially busy, and that job and family have to come first.

I originally created this site to gain some experience in case I ever decided to enter the video game industry, either in journalism or through working for a company like Nintendo. I feel I’ve proven that I can regularly contribute content through my blog, and that I can host a podcast, so I now have proof of concept.

Instead of posting every week, I’m going to slow down and just post when I have something I’d really like to write about. I’m also going to stop doing reviews, as again that was just for the experience and to have some proof that I could write about video games.

I’m also ceasing production of my first podcast, Wii Need to Talk, with a final episode to be posted in the next few months. I’m replacing it with a new podcast alongside one of the Wii Need to Talk hosts Eric Herboso called Innovideogamations. Rolls off the tongue, right? This new podcast will talk about innovations in the video game industry, and we should have our first episode ready within the next month.

It’s been fun routinely contributing to this site, but the time has come to refine my focus and goals, and so I’m going to focus more on smaller amounts of higher quality content. I look forward to continuing the journey with all of you.

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