FreezeMe is an outstanding blast from the past. It borrows so many ideas from Super Mario 64 that the resemblance is almost uncanny, but ultimately there’s enough new content here to constitute its own quality experience. The game isn’t as polished as it could be, but FreezeMe provides an enjoyable romp through the format of an old school 3D adventure game.

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Fans of Nintendo 64-era 3D platformers will find it hard not to enjoy FreezeMe. The level and character design, mechanics, music and structure are all love letters to the seminal N64 launch game. It brings back the sense of adventure in a cartoon world that has largely been missing since the demise of the 3D adventure platformer, and it ticks all the right notes of nostalgia. Still, occasional issues with controls, graphics and enemy design, coupled with the fact that (despite the freezing mechanic) the game feels like a less polished version of Super Mario 64 and thus not especially original, hold back the game from achieving the heights of its spiritual predecessors. Despite those limitations FreezeMe is an exceptionally crafted game from a one-man development team, and it’s a fun adventure worthy of your time and money.

Final Score: 8.0/10

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