Wind-up Knight 2

Wind-up Knight

Title: Wind-up Knight 2
Platform: Wii U
MSRP: $7.50

Endless runners are a dime a dozen, but few take the time to flesh out interesting gameplay. Wind-up Knight 2 adds an extra level of polish and platforming to elevate the game above its colleagues, but not without stumbling a little along the way.

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If you enjoy twitch reflex games, then WUK 2 is for you. While the game lacks depth, what’s there is done well. Almost like playing a song or interacting with other members in a band, the ebb and flow of having to quickly nail different button presses feels pleasingly elegant in some ways, and completing a challenge gives you a real feeling of accomplishment. Unfortunately, the lack of stage variety coupled with occasionally mundane gameplay and cheap deaths knock this back a little; it’s certainly worth considering, nonetheless.

Final Score: 6/10

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