The Vita Slim Improvement That No One Is Talking About

vita buttons

I’m not just talking about the shape of the start, select, and PS buttons; I’m talking about the feel of all the buttons. The main four buttons give you a nice satisfying click when you press them, and I feel like they stick out a bit more as well. That’s a huge benefit, but even more noticeable is the difference in the L/R button

The title for this article is not entirely true. Some reviews mention the improved buttons in the new version of the PS Vita, but it’s been seen as such a minor insignificant improvement that it feels like no one is talking about it.

Let’s keep this article short and to the point. Do you want a full review of the newer vita model? Go here. Or, to show I’m not favoring any one site, here. In a nutshell, the new vita is better in almost every way – better weight, feel, buttons, back touchscreen (smaller to reduce accidental presses), battery life…the list goes on. As everyone notes, the only negative is the screen, which definitely takes a hit but certainly not to the point where it’s unacceptable. All I need to do is put either version’s screen next to my 3ds (which I also love, even with its poor resolution), and I feel better about both of them.

For me, the most significant improvement in the newer model, and the one that made me most ok with sacrificing that beautiful oled screen of yore, is the button situation. First, the obvious fixes are that they made the select/start and PS home buttons all round. Not only that, that also popped them out a bit to make them easier to press. The same goes for the top of the unit; the power and +/- volume buttons are raised so that you can actually press them now. I hated those buttons on the old vitas, it was annoying to have to always push past flush with the unit’s side.

But far and away, the most significant improvements are in the four main buttons above the right stick and the L/R buttons. Those actually feel like quality buttons now! In the oled model, I was continually lifting up my nose at using the vita’s right-side and L/R buttons, wistfully grumbling to myself that my 3ds buttons never felt like pushing bean bags filled with sand. It was yet another blemish on that console which already had a bunch of annoying features to it, and made me often not want to play on it.

But using this new vita, all my problems with the buttons are gone. They feel solid and responsive, and they click! And it’s the one feature on the newer vita that makes the biggest difference for me.

Honestly, the new vita is an absolutely awesome console. I won’t get into the “vita doesn’t have any games” debate, because for me the number of games a console has isn’t important, but rather the number of quality games that I care about playing that a console has. Despite 3ds having what some would call a “better” library, I can honestly say that I play my vita all the time, and I rarely bust out the 3ds. I’ve got several consoles and plenty of games to play, so as long as I occasionally get a new game that I’d like to play, I’m perfectly happy with my vita. And Danganronpa. Oh Monokuma, you sneaky little bastard.

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