Episode 3: Mario on iPhones, DeNA, Nintendo NX, and game review scores

In our third episode, we pioneer a new segment where we chat about the games we’re playing this month. We also discuss the details of Nintendo’s new deal with DeNA to bring Nintendo IP’s to smart devices – is this a good idea, or the beginning of the end? We look at what we’d like from Nintendo’s next membership program, and speculate on the possibilities of their new NX system. Finally, we have a spirited conversation about the merits and pitfalls of giving games a numerical score.

Organization of the episode:
Games we’re currently playing: 0 – 12:58
Nintendo on smart devices: 12:59 – 37:29
Nintendo’s new membership program, and the new system NX: 37:30 – 59:51
Game review score discussion: 59:52 – 1:29:58

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